Shenyang create Chinas first aircraft new energy UAV achieve zero emissions

It "zero emissions" power from hydrogen and oxygen produce "waste" water; it special "honest", as long as the input parameters, it east, you will never go west; family it called "Big Mac", with a wingspan of 10 meters length comparable to the bus, this is engraved in the history of China's aviation sinking sun branded "Thunderbird". On August 17, the reporter went to the Liaoning Academy of General Aviation, UAV "Thunderbirds" and is about to take off the mystery of China's first fuel cell powered aircraft carbon fiber material, an unprecedented close contact.

It is a "giant" in the family

Liaoning General Aviation Institute of Manufacturing, the reporter saw just made a successful maiden flight of the Thunderbird. Xueji Jia told reporters involved in the research and development, The new UAV will be scheduled to meet with the global public for the first time in the law library on the international flight Assembly, the reporter's visit, be ahead of opening a hijab.

Xue Jijia introduced, and "gives the feeling of a little head" compared to the old ideas, both from the the wingspan or deadweight view, "Thunderbird" UAV family are regarded as "giant tyrants. " Wingspan of 10 meters, a length comparable to buses, the maximum loading capacity of up to 30 kg, the most UAV tripled. And practical flight altitude of 3000 meters, cruising speed of 120 km / h, with a life time of nearly three hours. Worth mentioning

Do not look at the "Big Mac", but the weight of "Thunderbirds" has very good control, thanks to the all-carbon fiber composite materials. Its fuselage and wings are full carbon fiber composite material, this material is characterized by high strength, light weight, and are mainly used in high-precision end aerospace equipment. Flight six minutes

discharge water bottle so proud of Shenyang, the birth of the "Thunderbirds" to fill the blank of a carbon fiber material fuel cell powered UAV in the field of development of China's new energy vehicle pioneering historical significance. Speaking of UAVs "excels"

, The Xue Jijia open the front hatch of the "Thunderbirds". The first thing that catches the eye is the power source of hydrogen fuel cell. He explained, "Thunderbird" is the takeoff climb, co-driven by fuel cells and lithium batteries into the cruise, the landing stage by the hydrogen fuel cell is a separate drive to achieve "zero emissions". The aircraft is equipped with hydrogen fuel cell value of one million yuan, this fuel cell waste water, air pollution.

Xueji Jia said, from the first test flight of six minutes of "Thunderbirds" flight generates approximately 500 ml of water, the equivalent of the amount of a bottle of mineral water. Input parameters from

go from the back UAV takeoff, is how to fly, how to perform the task? Xue Jijia introduction UAV before take-off, control and input route data through radio control platform contained. Including the flight altitude routes coordinate sequence data. After takeoff, the flight in accordance with a set route and return to the set locations for landing.

Able to do so obedient to complete the task, mainly due to the only home router-sized "pilot" flight control computer. Xueji Jia said that the flight control computer, also known as the autopilot, it is small but can be "back" a large number of flight coordinates, can be flexible and comfortable during the turn complex line, and in the use of its flight data recorder note of flight speed, attitude data to help carry out the post-mortem analysis. In case of emergency, ground flying hand can also be visually remote, even beyond the line-of-sight, and also through the monitoring and control car instrument flight.

Covered the measurement and control instrumentation and display car, Xue Jijia demonstrated to reporters instrument flight. "Camera settings" Thunderbird "below, even if it is beyond the line-of-sight, we through the display to understand its geographical coordinates, altitude, attitude, and speed etc. aircraft perform a variety of tasks by the ground control system control at any time instant adjustment and control, such as camera, adjust the altitude, speed and adjust routes. Xueji Jia said.

Human reach to significant skill reporter learned that, "Thunderbirds" to play an active role in many human can not reach or extremely dangerous areas, plays an increasingly important role in many civilian areas. Equipped on a professional camera, it can be carried out in the open sea shipwreck personnel search and rescue, fire detected in the vast forest over a shooting in the city over the pictures. In addition, the coastline inspections, oil pipeline inspections, marine pollution monitoring tasks, "Thunderbirds" competent.

However, Xueji Jia said, although successful maiden flight distance applications there are a lot of way to go, first of all, propellers and landing gear will also be phased in carbon fiber composite materials, in addition, the battery life goal to enhance times, up to 6 hours. Shenyang Evening News

senior reporter Xin white photography Li Shuangqi "Thunderbirds" (LN60F), unmanned experimental Yang Fengtian led the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Liaoning Academy of General Aviation independently developed by China Aviation Industry Group funded. Liaoning General Aviation Institute of Shenyang Aerospace University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, AVIC Shenyang Aircraft Design and Research Institute, AVIC aerodynamic Institute jointly established.

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